Thursday, 10 July 2014

See You in September...

As usual in this period, I take a break from Terra Incognita and the "virtual worlds". I need to reach again my community of old friends and spiritual seekers and recharge my - at this point rather flat - batteries with a lot of relax and laughs, heart-felt chanting to the  moon and the "God within" around a sacred fire and some excurtions in the subtler dimensions of the mind....
I wish to all my faithful supporting souls and visitors a happy summer: ONE LOVE to each and everyone...and see you again  in September.....

AYA2014 - World Ayahuasca Conference

In the last decade, the interest and use of ayahuasca has expanded exponentially. This phenomenon has both activated the advancement of scientific research into its effects, risks and therapeutic potential, as well as serious legal, ethical and sustainability challenges. The World Ayahuasca Conference 2014, organized by the ICEERS Foundation, aims to be a multidisciplinary event that brings together leading scientists, legal experts, practitioners. environmentalists and other experts involved in the ayahuasca field, facilitating the interchange of experience and knowledge, and the birth of new synergies and collaborations through the formal presentations and round tables, workshops and debates, as well as the informal events of the conference.

The conference will be held  from Sept. 25 - 27 in Ibiza (Spain) with the participation of renowned entheogen scholars and researchers like Jonathan Ott, Dennis McKenna, Antonio Escohotado, Josep Maria Ferigcla and shamans from Colombia, Ecuador and Brasil.
For info, program, tickets etc. please visit AYA 2014  

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Little Saints

"Little Saints" is a documentary which features the journey of six American individual in search of healing shaman rituals among the Mazatec population of Mexico and their meeting with Natalia Martinez, a local 'curandera' who use the "santitos" ("little saints") - mushroom of the genre psilocybe - as sacramental viaticum.
Mixed with the storyline, scholars and specialists like Charles Grob, Jeremy Narby, Stan Grof and others share their knowledge of this powerful way to open the consciousness and reach subtle, spiritual dimensions.
(I've tried to find where it's possible to buy this interesting documentary but without success. If someone knows something about, please write me a line...)
Little Saints 

Little Saints - Trailer from The Little Children on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Psychedelic (Digital) Art of Android Jones

Evidently an "experienced" psychounaut, digital artist extraordinaire Android Jones is a must for all visionary art lovers. Visit Android's website to see (and buy) paintings....
See previous posts about Android Jones here and here 
(...and click on pix to biggify...)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

DRAGIBUS magazine

While I surf the Web regularly and enjoy all the various articles, info and posts related to visionary plants and compounds, states of consciousness and psychedelic culture, in some way I miss the printed magazines and periodicals available until few years ago - e.g. "Psychedelic Monographs & Essays", "Psychedelic Illuminations" or "The Entheogen Review...
So I was excited finding out that a new printed magazine is currently on sale: it's Dragibus, a quarterly magazine dedicated to "plant medicine and mysticism". Dragibus is printed in high-quality paper, with a colorful "laminated" cover and  packed with stunning high-definition color photos of entheogenic botanicals and related artifacts (their "Photo Gallery" section is a joy for any entheobotany enthusiast's eyes...) that in some way compensate the rather limited number of pages (on average 28/32 pagg.)
Together with some errors in botanical nomenclature - e.g. Anadenanthera misspelled Anedenanthera on Vol. 2 issue 2 or Banisteriopsis misspelled Bannisteriopsis on issue 3, the limited amount of written text (pages) it's the only drawback of this publication; if I was the publisher I would sacrifice a little of color pages (and probably even the luxury cover and paper) and increase the pages to a minimum of 40, to appeal the potential readers more. If all that would become anyway too costly, I would probably rethink the mag schedule and printed just three issues yearly, maybe also retouching the price (personally I would be glad to spend a little more for a more 'substantial' magazine...)
But these are just few little, personal suggestions to be sure that this mag will be around for a reasonably long time... Dragibus is evidently a well cared "labor of love", made by visionary plants lovers for visionary plant lovers and I really appreciate their evident care to differentiate the content of their articles in a rather "crowded" field and deepen certain topics, abundantly but often also superficially treated on the Web. So on the most recent issue - Spring 2014 - you can find a really interesting and exhaustive article on the "Entheogens in Africa"  (iboga, voacanga and other lesser-known African entheobotanicals),  a somewhat disturbing but fascinating article on the "mummy", an obscure medicinal and "magic" preparation made with 'mummy powder', bitumen, the aromatic (?) exudation of the mummy, spices and/or psychoactive plants like mandrake or opium and a review of certain "forgotten" vines of shamanic interest in the Amazon...
All in all a spicy, tasty cup of mind-moving tea for all the real ethnobotanical enthusiasts and drug geeks...
Nowadays a printed magazine on entheogens seems to be a rarity (I can think just about  to PsypressUK and Erowid Extracts besides Dragibus) so I strongly invite all the interested people to make a visit to Dragibus website and support this "unique of a kind" and well done magazine making a subscription. If  Dragibus will increase the number of  its pages in the near future becoming a more sizeable  periodical while keeping the same high level articles, it depends entirely on the number its readers. ((To enlarge the base of possible readers, a free copy of Dragibus is  currently sent together with the latest issue of Erowid Extracts to all Erowid members.)My own helping hand will not miss...Let's read and support DRAGIBUS !!
You can subscribe to the print format for $ 30 (USA) and $ 40 (International)
You can also order single copies in print or digital format (PDF).
Visit and subscribe to DRAGIBUS
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Award-Winning GIFs of Micaël Reynaud

Freelance designer and stop-motion animator  Micaël Reynaud creates animated GIFs unlike any we’ve seen. His process involves the use of video techniques like slit-scanning, time-lapse and various forms of masking to create what he refers to as “hypnotic very short films"... 
read more and see the gallery on Colossal 

Chefchaouen the Blue Town of Morocco

Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco, is famous for the vivid blue walls of many of the buildings of its "old town" sector, the medina...
See the complete gallery on boredpanda